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Torque Creative LLC is the parent company of a trio of photography and design services based in Colorado. Owned and operated by Michael Butler out of Arvada, CO. Michael by Design is my portfolio showcasing samples of client work both print and web, services and rates. Torque Graphics is action and sports photography and specializes in making custom souvenir posters so athletes and family can "Capture the Action, Relive the Moment". Simply Stunning Photography is dedicated to portrait photography, photo announcements and holiday cards. Torque Creative Photo Galleries is a site where all customer photos are posted and can be viewed and purchased.


I believe that great graphic design is visual communication that results from highly effective critical thinking. It presents a timeless message with clarity and accuracy. I believe my ability to design and deliver a product with strong visual impact that presents my client’s message in a manner that elicits the desired response from the viewer, makes me the best choice to fulfill all your print and wed design needs. My design Services are a product of my belief that following our dreams and doing what we love leads to success. I believe that fulfilling careers blossom from hard work and passionate dedication to the ideas we hold dear. My goal in creating a visionary photography and design business is to produce work I enjoy and that holds intrinsic value for me as well as my customers. Each of our dreams, large or small, can make a positive impact on the world in which we live.

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